Intane 80 APO


Performance features of product: Perfect apochromatism: Three-piece real apochromatic objective lens for wide field of vision and vivid color reproduction; each group of lenses are delivered with interferometer test report to ensure the superiority to λ/4P-V;

Multi-layer broadband anti-reflection coating: Multi-layer optical broadband anti-reflection coating is created on the entire surface of objective lens to improve the transmittance and offer clear and bright image and wonderfully high contrast, which adequately meets the requirements of astronomical observation and photography; internal extinction is performed to avoid stray light interference affecting imaging; the1:10 two-speed precision toothless focusing offers an extremely high accuracy and smooth feel; the 360-degree arbitrary rotation makes it easy to adjust angles for observation and photography. The unique locked design guarantees the ultimate load-bearing stability; the 99% medium high reflection zenith mirror presents real images; a variety of optional accessories can be expanded for more features; all-metal mirror body and aluminum box are robust and shockproof; the retractable lens barrel is easy to carry.

Technical Parameters:

Model: 80APO-A 

Clear aperture: 80mm

Focal ratio: F/7

Focal length: 560mm

Objective lens type: Three-piece apochromatic objective lens

Focusing device: 1:10 two-speed toothless focusing; rotatable by 360 degrees

Limit magnitude: 11.3

Dewcap: Retractable

Outside diameter of primary mirror barrel: 92mm

OTA length: 465mm~585mm

OTA weight: 2.7kg

Packing size: 580mm x 320mm x 220mm

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