High-precision Mirror


The Company is quite good at making large-aperture high-precision optical flats, spherical surfaces, aspheric surfaces, and even free-form surfaces; with the Company's full set of production lines and sophisticated inspection methods and equipment, the roughness of the processed optical mirror surface can reach 0.4 nm, the max. processing diameter being up to 1.6 m, and the surface accuracy RMS being superior to λ/100. The accuracy of the finished large-aperture optical mirror surface reaches the first-class level in China.

Product type: Aspheric lens, aspheric mirror, spherical mirror, flat mirror, and free-form surface

Structure form: Axisymmetric, offset-axis or off-axis

Range of dimensions: φ10mm - φ1500mm

Face form accuracy: PV value up to λ/10     RMS up to λ/80, λ=632.8nm

Finish:    40/20-80/60

Roughness:    0.4nm-5nm

Use bands: Ultraviolet, visible, infrared

Range of materials: Optical glass, optical crystal, optical ceramic (e.g., k9, quartz, crystallite, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, germanium, silicon, etc.)

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