Optical elements with strong laser damage threshold


Optical elements with strong laser damage threshold are applicable to high-energy laser cutting, welding, and marking. The Company constantly probes into the super-smooth polishing technique and the coating technique for elements with strong laser damage threshold, thereby having realized the following: Under 1080nm continuous laser irradiation, the laser absorption rate of element is less than 1/10000; the heat tolerance time is superior to 1.5 minutes/cycle; the accumulated working time without failure exceeds 8 hours; the surface accuracy changed slightly; the damage threshold transmission; the max. damage threshold transmission is 30000w/cm2, and the value may reach 8000W/cm2 in reflection; in the case of pulsed laser, the laser irradiation with 28J/cm2 and a pulsed width of 0.1ns are acceptable in the event of pulse laser.

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