Autonomous on-orbit verification of space-based terminal for ultra-small space laser communication


On November 3, 2019, the ultra-small space-based laser communication terminal independently developed by Intane Optics successfully entered the orbit with launch vehicle CZ-4B in Taiyuan.

The ultra-small laser data transmission terminal was independently developed by Intane Optics. Compared with traditional satellite-borne laser data transmission terminals, it flexibly integrates satellite attitude control, and creatively includes a common light path closed-loop control system to reduce the size, weight and power consumption by 80%, which represents a great breakthrough. Weighing less than 1 kg, this product transmits data to the earth at 100Mbps with a power consumption of merely 8W. These characteristics are extremely precious in the environment where space resources are extremely limited, thus being particularly suitable for high-speed data transmission for nanosats.

For the first time, Intane Optics sent its independently innovative ultra-small laser digital transmission payload into the space. This not only marks Intane Optics' formal entry into the area of commercial aerospace, but also represents Intane Optics' determination to be the key builder of the proposed space information highway. In the context of building an "innovative China", when the development of space information highway is started, Intane Optics, as a private high-tech aerospace company, is very fortunate to be the builder of this historical milestone, which has very far-reaching significance.

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